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... a moving image is worth a thousand words.

To what extent does this statement apply to imageries, illustrations, and depictions of contemporary art? Neither a picture nor a thousand words can describe contemporary art or the work of an artist or agent as well as a film (moving images), a short movie, or a documentary video can.

Your benefit

Moving images not only allow you to document, present, and profile your work, but they also convey valuable background information on the content and your intentions.
You will acquire an up-to-date marketing tool for your presentation and public image
You will reach the target group that is adept at using visual media
You will increase the dwell time on your website
You will improve your image
You will receive a reference and proof of a unique creative work
You will receive a contemporary document for your website and your professionally maintained archive
You will make an indispensable contribution to the presentation, support, and discussion of new forms of contemporary art

What is documented by AugenZeugeKunst?

Whether you are an agent or artist, AugenZeugeKunst provides you with moving images, which also move the viewer, for the presentation of your specific profile.

A video documentary captures your one-time event in a vivid way:
for example
The creative process in the studio
Art production / project implementation
Setup of exhibition
Joint art projects
Opening events
Visitor reactions
Documentation of project completion for sponsors and archive

Your attractive visualization of projects for
Grant applications
Art fairs

Business profile
Your objective put in a nutshell
Your project vividly displayed
An offer for
Art foundation / art sponsor
Artist residence, artist house
Art institution
Art collection / art collector
Gallery / gallery owner
Patron of the arts
Businesses engaged in the arts
Artist groups / artists

What makes AugenZeugeKunst superior?

Specialization on art and creative branch
Filming with professional Full HD 422 camera
Sensitive guidance through interview (coaching-effect)
Professional digital editing, compositing and mastering