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Do you want to be recognized and contacted in these times of digital media? In that case you should set yourself apart: With a meaningful video documentation by AugenZeugeKunst for your website, for your presentation on a big screen, or as an indispensable retrospective for future occasions.

How do you benefit from AugenZeugeKunst?


Planning and preparation phase
During the first phase, based on preliminary talks, we will explore potential topics and choose appropriate means of expression for your video documentation. AugenZeugeKunst will then develop a concrete proposal which suits your purpose and ideas.

Drawing up an outline
The underlying idea and the progression of the topics will be listed in an outline. This may include a questionnaire as the basis for an interview guide or a developed text to be spoken into the camera.



Your video documentation may have the following content:

Interviews / statements
Animation of visual and text material
Sound design
Opening and final credits (including for example your logo, your sponsors, partners, patrons, reference to your website)
Subtitles in different languages


Film and audio editing
Blu-ray disk or DVD packaging

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Video marketing after completion

Consulting and support
Inclusion on your website
Inclusion on relevant video portals (Vimeo, YouTube etc.)
Generation of graphic design for your Blu-ray disk or DVD (label, inlaycard, sleeve, package)
Archiving of the complete material for further use, for instance within the context of a retrospective

AugenZeugeKunst will be glad to make you a suitable offer.